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We'll help you get from Work In Progress to Release Ready.

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Supported formats include EBook, Paperback, and Hardcopy Full Wrap.

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We'll put every Picture, Paragraph and Period in its Perfect Position.

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We Are Accepting Query Submissions

Black & Bare Press

Atlanta, GA

Email: contact@blacknbarepress.com

Website: www.blacknbarepress.com

We are looking for authors to partner with to tell their stories, their way.  We are looking for unique voices, BIPOC voices, voices that challenge the world around us to do and be better.

At Black & Bare Press we offer a unique hybrid experience to authors to meet them and their needs to accomplish their publishing goals right where they are.

If you'd like to submit your manuscript for a more traditional publishing experience email us at contact@blacknbarepress.com.  No strict format required.  Tell us your story in the way that is most natural for you.  Not every story will be a good fit for us but we ensure that if it is, we'll follow up to discuss the options available to move forward.

If you're looking for a little help finishing a project that you're going to self-publish or publish with another company, we're here to help. Indicate this in your query so we can help you go through your options.

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